This warranty policy forms part of the Terms & Conditions agreement between the first-time owner and Begonia Jewelry.

What does the warranty cover?

Our warranty covers only defects in materials, manufacturing defects, and issues caused by damage due to shipment for 30 days following delivery.

What is not covered by the warranty?

The warranty does not apply to scratches, oxidation, defects, and damages caused by misuse, abrasion, accident, tear, everyday wear, or unauthorized modifications or repairs.

Diamonds & Stones

We cannot be held liable for any loss, fracture, or damage to our pieces or their components, including stones and diamonds.
A diamond should never move around in a setting. If your stone hasn't fallen out, but it's wiggling around, it likely means the setting is worn or bent. In this case, we recommend taking your jewelry to a professional jeweler to tighten it up and repair the setting of your stones.

Jewelry Insurance

We strongly recommend you insure your jewelry under your homeowners, renters, or an individual jewelry insurance policy.
Our jewelry comes with a complimentary jewelry appraisal form for insurance purposes signed by a certified gemologist detailing the physical characteristics of the piece: the gemstone/diamond identification information, item features, and the original retail price.