Jewelry Care & Maintenance

Jewelry's value lies in its emotional or sentimental worth. Therefore, your jewelry creation deserves the utmost attention and care to preserve its shine, longevity and slow down its natural aging.
Follow our guide for proper care and maintenance to help you maintain the stunning appeal of your fine jewelry.

White Jewelry Box

Storing Your Jewelry

How we store our jewelry directly manifests our level of love and care for those sensitive sentimental things.
To avoid scratches and oxygen reactions, keep your jewelry separate from other jewelry types you have in a jewelry box or a fabric-lined jewelry case with separate compartments. Storing your jewelry individually in soft tissue paper, soft cloth, or a tarnish-resistant pouch is also a great solution. Except for jewelry set with pearls and opals, which draw moisture from the air, keep your jewelry in dry locations, as pieces of jewelry exposed to moisture and air are a recipe for tarnish.
Chains and necklaces should be closed and laid flat to avoid their becoming tangled.

Woman in Pink Applying Perfume

Protecting Your Jewelry

We strongly recommend avoiding direct contact with skincare products and fragrances by taking your jewelry off or waiting until your skin absorbs the cream before wearing your jewelry. Exposure to certain harsh chemicals, cosmetics, or environments can cause your jewelry to tarnish or rub off. This includes but is not limited to the following: lotions, creams, hairspray, cosmetics, perfumes, cleaning agents, oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, chlorine, pools, Jacuzzis, salt water, and sweat.
When it comes to gemstone jewelry, be careful with the intensity of heat and light your jewelry is exposed to. Sudden temperature changes or excess heat can affect gemstones’ durability and color.
Swimming with your jewelry, whether in the pool or at sea, is not recommended either. The acidity level of salt water and the various chemicals used when cleaning swimming pools can cause tarnishing to your jewelry or loss.
Sleeping with your necklace or bracelet can harm both you and your jewelry. Consider taking off your jewelry before sleeping to avoid injury or damage to your jewelry. As well, consider taking off your jewelry before exercising or working out, as the jewelry could be tarnished with excessive exposure to sweat, damaged, or distorted.

Jeweler Cleaning Diamond Ring

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Touching diamonds or gemstones leaves fingerprints which makes them look dull, affecting their brilliance and sparkle.
To remove any dirt, fingerprints, or oils, clean your jewelry with a soft cleaning cloth or cotton ball every after use so that they are preserved as long as possible. Your jewelry should be cleaned regularly.
To restore shine, use warm soapy water. Pour a small amount of dishwashing soap into lukewarm water and let your jewelry soak in it for 3 to 5 minutes. Then rinse your jewelry with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth.
A tumbler, ultrasonic cleaners, polishing liquids, and antibacterial soaps are not recommended.
If your jewelry has scratches, consider bringing it to a professional jeweler for polishing.